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Are you a web designer or developer looking to deliver quality web sites? Feel free to use these check list, regardless of the technical approach to the project. We are working on this list on weekly basis, so please keep visiting us to get latest web check list?

Effective web checklist review helps catch errors not only in code, but in the website itself. Delivering a good responsive website costs time and money along with making customers happy.

To that aim, the review checklist should be completed by developers and testers to ensure accuracy, clarity, and consistency within each webpage.

How to Use this checklist

Here are some tips for using this checklist and completing the review.

Customize the Checklist

Not all the line items mentioned in the checklist will apply to your specific website needs. You can also customize the checklist items as per your requirement to capture any specific feedback and improve the overall performance.

Prepare Your Testers

Use this checklist in a technical review meeting to capture changes as the group and discusses them. Send the checklist to individual reviewers along with a deadline.

How do you optimize a mobile site to work as well as implementing a responsive design? You must ask yourself a few questions before reaching your final goal.

Step By Step Website Development –Check List

Section Checklist Y N
Know what you are doing?
Know what the site needs to do?
Know what the site’s visitors want?
Get a good picture of the personality and style for the web site
Sketch out highly successful scenarios
Organize views into a site map and map your visitors’ attention
Check Context
Ensure No Test Content on Site
Development Process
Information Gathering
Testing and Delivery
Graphics Design
Logo Design
Layout Design and Presented
Never ever touch logo unless client asks. Logo is company identity; logo cannot be changed at any cost unless we are building site from scratch.
Consistent site header and logo


Development/Page Layout
Logo Design
Consistent navigation area
Informative page title that includes the company/organization/site name
Page footer area — copyright, last update, contact e-mail address
Good use of basic design principles: repetition, contrast, proximity, and alignment
Displays website in higher resolutions Balance of text/graphics/white space on page
Good contrast between text and background
Home page downloads within 10 seconds on dial-up connection
Good images with high quality.
Typography and Layout Proof Read
Main navigation links are clearly and consistently labeled
Navigation Navigation is easy to use for target audience
All navigation hyperlinks "work" — are not broken
Color and Graphics
Use of different colors in page backgrounds/text is limited to a maximum of three or four colors plus neutrals
Color is used consistently
Color has good contrast with associated text
Color is not used alone to convey meaning (accessibility)
Use of color and graphics enhances rather than distracts from the site
Graphics are optimized and do not significantly slow download
Each graphic used serves a clear purpose
Image tags use the alt attribute to configure alternate text to display if the browser or user agent does not support images(accessibility)
Animated images do not distract from the site and either do not repeat or only repeat a few times
Each audio/video/Flash file used serves a clear purpose
The audio/video/Flash files used enhance rather than distract from the site
Degree of separation between content and presentation
Does the site use CSS for all presentation aspects (fonts, colour, padding, borders etc)?
Are all decorative images in the CSS, or do they appear in the (X)HTML?
Unique content, presented in an exciting, straightforward manner
Regularly update content
Break content up with headings, captions, images, videos
Allow user interaction
Common fonts such as Arial or Times New Roman are used
Techniques of writing for the Web are used: headings, bullet points, short sentences in short paragraphs, use of white space, etc.
Fonts, font sizes, and font colors are consistently used
Content provides meaningful, useful information
Content is organized in a consistent manner
Information is easy to find
Content does not include outdated material
Content provides links to other useful sites
Browser Compatibility
Avoids the use of "Click here" when writing text for hyperlinks
Check all ‘Hidden Copy’
Displays on popular versions of Internet Explorer (7+)
Displays on popular versions of FireFox (3+)
Displays on popular versions of Opera (9+)
Display on popular versions of Safari (both Mac and Windows)
Website Optimization/Standards
Mobile Device
Site Speed
CSS, minimal use of tables
Validate website’s CSS/XHTML
Java Script
Optimize page size (images, content, video, audio)
Clean code for updating/multiple programmers
Scripts placed near bottom of page code
SEO friendly
RSS Link
All internal hyperlinks work
All internal hyperlinks work
All forms function as expected
No JavaScript errors are generated
Search Engine Optimization
Successful SEO in a Nutshell
Working with good keywords, meta tags and titles
Being Search Engine-Friendly
Avoiding Being Banned by Search Engines
Getting Listed
Creating an Ongoing Links Campaign
XML Site map
Analytics Tracking
Transactional Email Delivery
Start Blogging , Social Media Properties and Press Release
Social Bookmarks
Add Website to Email Signature
Frequently Update
Check for Errors
Website Maintenance
Add Link Exchanges
Check for Bad Links
Test Website (Daily)
Keyword Review and Update
Admins should get email when site error happens
Graceful Degridation
Check Link Popularity
Review Web Standards and apply
Check Site Statistics
Add New Content
Check Links
Validate Code
Re-Submit Site to Search Engines
Check Web Page Descriptions
Check Web Page Titles
Review Meta Tag Standards and Update
Review Top Searches from Search Engines (potential new content ideas)
GLOBAL greenirect is key -- If we are converting any old site to new site -- WE MUST make sure all old URL are still working
Quality of code
Does the site use a correct Doctype?
Does the site use a Character set?
Does the site use Valid (X) HTML?
Does the site use Valid CSS?
Does the site use any CSS hacks?
Does the site use unnecessary classes or ids?
Is the code well structugreen?
Does the site have any broken links?
How does the site perform in terms of speed/page size?
Does the site have JavaScript errors?
Are “alt” attributes used for all descriptive images?
Accessibility for users
Does the site use relative units rather than absolute units for text size?
Do any aspects of the layout break if font size is increased?
Does the site use visible skip menus?
Does the site use accessible forms?
Does the site use accessible tables?
Is there sufficient color brightness/contrasts?
Is color alone used for critical information?
Is there delayed responsiveness for dropdown menus (for users with greenuced motor skills)?
Are all links descriptive (for blind users)?
Accessibility for device
Does the site work acceptably across modern and older browsers?
Is the content accessible with CSS switched off or not supported?
Is the content accessible with images switched off or not supported?
Does the site work in text browsers such as Lynx?
Does the site work well when printed?
Does the site work well in Hand Held devices?
Does the site include detailed metadata?
Does the site work well in a range of browser window sizes?
Basic Usability
Is there a clear visual hierarchy?
Are heading levels easy to distinguish?
Is the site’s navigation easy to understand?
Is the site’s navigation consistent?
Does the site use consistent and appropriate language?
Does the site have a sitemap page and contact page? Are they easy to find?
For large sites, is there a search tool?
Is there a link to the home page on every page in the site?
Are links underlined?
Are visited links clearly defined?
Site management
Does the site have a meaningful and helpful 404 error page that works from any depth in the site?
Does the site use friendly URLs?
Do your URLs work without “www”?
Does the site have a favicon?

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