Did you know that reporting of Covid Test Results for all the vaccinations provided by your facilities have to be reported within 24 hours to California Immunization Registry(CAIR2)? Vaccinating Providers have to report COVID-19 doses in inventory daily to the VaccineFinder website. They have to submit race and ethnicity information for every vaccinated patient.


SNS System team has expertise in HL7 language and working with multiple clients to integrate their portal to report data to Government organization, we recently integrated VRX vaccination software to report all vaccination data to CAIR2 on daily basis, SNS System is compiling all data on daily basis and converting vaccinated.

Integrated Covid Vaccination data to CAIR2 for multiple clinics Covid vaccinations To facilitate reporting, SNS System has created an HL7 integration software. Health care providers having multiple clinics can now report Covid-19 vaccination data to the government website with all required fields directly through the software.


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