ZOHO Analytics Implementation

Here at SNS, we have solid experience to guide our client, how to do data crunching. We will review all your data and will listen to you then will suggest what to look for in available data to grow your business.

zoho creator dashboard design

We recently worked with real estate company and implemented following analytics

  • Lead analytics
  • Deal Analytics
  • Marketing Analytics Dashboard
Zoho Analytics Implementation
Graphs in zoho analytics

Are you looking to

  • Expand your business by analyzing your data?
  • Save significant time on manual reporting and eliminate inaccuracies?
  • Replaced Excel with Zoho Analytics as your primary BI tool?
  • Track key project metrics any time anywhere?
  • See dashboards that shows KPIs, both at very high and granular levels
  • Save time and efforts of your planning department
ZOHO analytics dashboard

Easily import and synchronize your business data scattered in flat files, feeds, databases, cloud storage services and online/offline applications into Zoho Analytics for analysis & reporting. Data sync is automatic with periodic scheduling.
You can also integrate with Zoho CRM and get leads and deals data.

Zoho Analytics supports 40+ chart types including Line, Bar, Combination, Geo Maps, Heat Maps, Scatter, Stacked Bar, Pie, Funnel, Ring, Area, Stacked Area, Web and Table chart types.

Create powerful online business dashboards.
Dashboards provide a snapshot view of your key business metrics for quick and easy analysis. A dashboard can contain reports, KPI widgets, images, rich formatted text along with dynamic filters organized in a flexible layout.

Dashboards and Reports can be embedded in your websites, intranet, blogs, and other web applications for wider access. The dashboards/reports embedded are live and interactive.

Accessible across all devices. You can watch the performance of your business on the go any time.

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