ZOHO Blueprint Implementation

ZOHO Blueprint Implementation is for you
If you are using ZOHO CRM and looking to efficiently align your sales process and want your team to follow through with it.

ZOHO ZOBOT Implementation Service

With a Blueprint you can:

  • Define the sequence of stages in a process.
  • Associate the right people to each stage.
  • Guide your teams through the execution of the process.
  • Mandate and validate important information contextually.
  • Automate routine actions.

Here at SNS, we have solid experience of implementing ZOHO Blueprint. We will review all your data and will listen to you then will suggest what to look for in available data to grow your business.

We recently worked with real estate company and implemented ZOHO Blueprint

  • Stage change management
  • Force to fill required information for particular deal stage
  • Helped team sell better

Advantages of Blueprint implementation

1. Easy navigation.
Not all leads, prospects, and customers are always at the same stage in the sales funnel. Based on which stage each one is at, Blueprint’s signboards help you decide what the sales rep’s next step should be, or what they need to do next to convert the prospect. This makes the process easy to follow and repeatable.

2. Necessary Information.
You’ve done all the follow-up work to make sure that your prospect stays engaged. They’re ready to convert, but before you can close, you have to pull in different pieces of data– which are scattered across emails, sales diaries, and old documents. Outline the details you want your reps to record at every stage with the Blueprint Editor. This way, Blueprint will automatically prompt them to fill in the correct information wherever necessary.

3. Smarter insights.
Not having enough visibility about your business process will lead to detecting problems late. To get that visibility, it’s important to know the status of each step in your sales process. With Blueprint’s reports and graphs, you know how much time reps are spending on each stage, and how long it takes reps to complete one stage and move on to the next. The more visibility you have on your pipeline, the more informed your decisions will be.

4. Uniform data.
You’ve mapped out every possible stage that’s involved with your sales process. Now you want to make sure that people follow it. Blueprint helps ensure that your salespeople log every call and add notes before they move on to the next stage.

ZOHO ZOBOT Implementation Service

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