ZOHO Signature Implementation Services

Here at SNS, we have solid experience working with ZOHO Sign integrating it with ZOHO CRM and other tools. We will review your requirements and help you implement ZOHO Sign to make your office paperless.

ZOHO Signature Implementation Services

We recently did work for a funding company and Real estate company, implemented following document to be signed online:

  • A Contract sign between Company, Customer and Attorney: In this implementation, business lead provided by a legal team and a funding company provide loan to customer, it is a strict term based loan. We had a complex agreement to be done in by using the ZOHO signature module. Agreement was filled through application data and sent an email to the Customer, then to the legal team and then to the funding company.
  • Buyer agreement
  • Joint Venture agreement
  • Seller Agreement
ZOHO Signature Implementation

Are you looking to

  • Collect multiple forms and documents ranging from a simple contract to detailed personal financial information
  • Get digital signatures on the documents such as NDA, Contract etc
  • Make it easy to collect the documents
  • Make it easy to submit the documents
  • Create email templates for the team to use
  • Everything integrated in Zoho CRM so that information is in a single place and secure
ZOHO Signature Implementation
  • Law makes no distinction between a contract signed in ink and a contract signed with an encrypted key. Anywhere in the world, a digitally-signed contract is legally binding.
  • You can store countless records, with each record accessible and searchable from anywhere.
  • Paperless offices increase productivity and eliminate expenses associated with transmitting, storing, and securing paper records.
  • Zoho Sign includes integrations with Office 365 and G Suite, allowing signed documents to be saved directly into Office 365 or Google Drive. Documents can also be imported into Zoho Sign from Google Drive or from Office 365.
  • Zoho Sign also integrates with Microsoft Teams. Itís available as an extension to the communication platform, alongside Zohoís family of applications.

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