SNS System is working on multiple ZOHO V1 API to V2 API migration projects, recently we completed EFAX project and migrated to V2 API.


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ZOHO is recommending to complete all ZOHO custom work into V2 API, here is a detail from ZOHO:

We hope you are aware that the CRM V1 API has been deprecated, and its sunset date is on 31st December, 2019. However, the abolition of V1 API might affect your existing Deluge functions. To avoid possible data loss and ensure seamless operation of your Deluge functions, please take the following measures:

  • Change all the V1 API URLs that are invoked using the Deluge tasks invoke URL, get URL, or post URL to their equivalent V2 API URLs.
  • Change all Deluge's CRM V1 integration tasks used in your functions to their equivalent V2 tasks. The deprecated V1 tasks and their equivalent V2 tasks are listed below. You can find the help pages of CRM V2 API integration tasks here.
Deprecated CRM V1 integration tasks Equivalent CRM V2 integration task
zoho.crm.v1.getRecords zoho.crm._getRecords zoho.crm.getRecords
zoho.crm.v1.searchRecords zoho.crm._searchRecords zoho.crm.searchRecords
zoho.crm.v1.searchRecordsByPDC zoho.crm._searchRecordsByPDC zoho.crm.searchRecords
zoho.crm.v1.create zoho.crm._create zoho.crm.createRecord
zoho.crm.v1.updateRecord zoho.crm._updateRecord zoho.crm.updateRecord
zoho.crm.v1.getRelatedRecords zoho.crm._getRelatedRecords zoho.crm.getRelatedRecords
zoho.crm.v1.getRecordById zoho.crm._getRecordById zoho.crm.getRecordById
zoho.crm.v1.attachFile zoho.crm._attachFile zoho.crm.attachFile

Please be informed that:

  • Starting from 1st November, 2019, the CRM V1 API URL invocation and Deluge's CRM V1 integration tasks usage in new functions will be restricted in all Zoho services except Zoho Creator.
  • Starting from 1st January, 2019, the CRM V1 API URL invocation and Deluge's CRM V1 integration tasks usage in existing functions will be ineffective in all Zoho services including Zoho Creator.
  • The abolition of CRM V1 API might cause the extensions installed from Zoho Marketplace to deviate from their intended behavior. We recommend the extension publishers to revisit and update them to CRM V2 API conventions. The extensions published by Zoho will be updated shortly.
  • Zoho Creator users can access their workflows that contain the CRM V1 tasks here.

Please spare some time to check if all your Deluge scripts are intact :)

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