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Odoo ERP

The open source model of Odoo has allowed us to leverage thousands of developers and business experts to build hundreds of apps in just a few years. With strong technical foundations, Odoo's framework is unique. It provides top notch usability that scales across all apps.Usability improvements made on Odoo will automatically apply to all of our fully integrated apps. That way, Odoo evolves much faster than any other solution.

Odoo Modules

  • Enterprise Module
  • Logistic
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Human Resources
  • CRM
  • Project Management
  • HR Management
  • and more...
Odoo Modules

Our Implementation

Odoo is an all-in-one management software that offers a range of business applications that form a complete suite of enterprise management applications targeting companies of all sizes. Odoo is an all-in-one business software including CRM, Website/e-Commerce, billing, accounting, manufacturing, warehouse, project management, and inventory.

We used his CRM module and customized that for Multilevel Marketing System and used his Website/e-commerce for purchasing the product and managing the users. We provided the all plan setup for that like Binary Plan and Unilevel plan etc.

We recently completed a project "Libu.life", It is agent commission calculation implementation with Multilevel tree represetation.

Libu Login Screen

This is the login screen where agents login with their username and password.
Libu Dashboard Screen

This is the dashboard screen where agents can see all the details.
Libu Tree view

This is the Member Tree screen where agents can check team with different-different graph Matrix View.

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