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Architecture diagram of Cooperative Society:

Architecture diagram of Cooperative Society

Description: A co-operative society is a voluntary association started with the aim of service of its members. These are generally formed by the poor people or weaker section people in the society. cooperative societies providing their banking services with the focus on rural and suburban part of India. SNS offers a wide range of Banking Products, Framework (OFBiz) based Solutions and Specialized Services.

OFBiz Framework: Apache OFBiz (Open For Business) is a framework that provides an enterprise application built on a common architecture using common data, logic and a rich set of business process. The tools and architecture of OFBiz make it easy to efficiently develop and maintain enterprise applications. This makes it possible for us as the creators and maintainers of the project to quickly release new functionality and maintain existing functionality without extensive effort. Beyond the framework itself, Apache OFBiz offers services including:

Accounting (Agreements, Invoicing, Vendor Management, General Ledger)  Inventory Management, automated stock replenishment etc. 
 Facility and Warehouse management system Catalog and Product Management 
Electronic point of sale (POS)  Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 
Work Effort Management  Content Management System (CMS)  
Human Resources (HR)  Party Module
Asset Maintenance E-Commerce


Login: A login form is an essential component of portal applications. You need to fill in proper Login information (username and password) and click on Login. Once you fill the data and click on login button, it sends a request to OFBiz backend server and authorize by using OFBiz party module.

Cooperative Society Login

Dashboard: Here we are showing the dashboard menus with summarized reports

Cooperative Society Dashboard

Member Registration: First we have to create the member through filling with mandatory fields in Member Registration form. All branches have access to create the member, member can take the share also and the price of the share is some amount per share. Each member should have zero balance savings account and it will create when you filled the member registration form, member id should be entered manually, system will not generate any id because at the initial stage user is entering old data which is already exist in his old software, after entering all old data, system will generate member id automatically. We can select that through “Business Area << Create Member”

Cooperative Society member registration

Create Account: Admin will create all plans like GID, RID, Saving & Daily. All branches can see those plans which admin created. At the time of creating an account, user selects the member id (which member wants to open account).

Branch ID: Automatically populated as per login branch.

Date: It should be account opening date as per old software.

Account No: It should be entered manually and this is for old account only. System will generate account id automatically if the account is new.

Deposit Scheme Type: User should select the type of the plan like RID/FID OR DD.

Plan Name: User should select the time period of that particular plan, for example if user selects RID in scheme type than plan name should look like RID 1 year OR RID 2 Year etc..

Account Holder: How many people should operate the account so select one, two or three. If user selects one, than all members information come under personal information as a first applicant.

Mandate for A/C Operation: If you select one in account holder than mandate should be Singl.

Payment Type: It is indicating that customer wants to give payment cheque/cash. If you select cash than payment will credit in cash book of that branch and cash will increase, if select cheque than it require bank name of that cheque,

Collection Agent ID: It is in under introducer. User should select collection agent against RID/FID/ DD. It is compulsory for RID/DD.

Amount: That means how much money customer wants to invest. It is under Account Detail and it will be entered manually. Maturity Period & Maturity Date will generate automatically.

Personal Information & Full Mailing Address: That information will come from member detail. If user wants to change anything in that then he will have to update that member information first.

Basic Information & Nominee Detail: These are not mandatory fields so user can enter all these information. After fill all these information just click on “Register”, account has been registered.

Cooperative Society Create Account

Create Loan: User can create loan application through this option and it will be visible under Loan Area >> Create Loan.

Branch ID: It will be auto populated as per branch login.

Date: It will be application form date, in which date user wants to submit that particular loan.

Member ID: Loan will be only for the members, so just select the member id from that field, enter id OR just click on blue button (in front of text box).

Loan Account No.: At present user should enter that field manually, after entering old data system will generate loan account number automatically. 

Loan Type: It is populating three types of Loan categories, “Business Purpose Loan”, “General Purpose Loan (Secured Loan)” and “General Purpose Loan (Unsecured Loan)”.  All loan type will be filtered as per selected loan type.

Loan: Loan will be populated as per selected loan type.

Loan Period (In Years): It will be in years so select this field as per loan period.

Loan Period (In Months): If time period of the loan including year and month both then select the month also with the year.

Annual Interest Rate: As per applicable ROI, it is entered manually.

Loan Amount: Entered manually as per application form.

Loan Amount In Words: System will populate automatically after entered the loan amount.

Down Payment: If customer wants to sanction 5 lac and give 2 lac as a down payment than sanction amount should be 3 lac. 

EMI Type: There are two values, one is “Fixed” & second is “Reducing”. Select the type as per application form.

EMI: As per your selected emi type, installment will populate automatically.

Collection Agent ID: Just select the collection agent which is related to that particular loan. 

Basic Detail: After filled all information just fill the basic detail like-

Purpose (it will indicate the reason, why customer wants the loan. So select as per application form),

Personal Detail: It will come automatically from member detail, if user wants to edit that detail than edit that information through update member.

All other information are not mandatory for create loan.

Collection Agent: All branches have access to create the agent. All agents are branch wise and agent should be the member of that society. When user wants to enter old data than agent id should be entered manually, after entered all the old data, system will automatically generate account number. 

Cooperative Society Collection agent

Branch ID: It will be auto populated as per login branch.

Date: It should be account opening date as per old software.

Member ID: Each collection agent should be member of the society, just select after click on blue button. 

Collection Agent ID: User will enter manually as per old software. 

Introducer Type: It is just like who gave the reference of that agent, if agent gave reference than just select agent else select member.

Agent ID/Member ID:  As per your above selection, drop down will display information. If you select the radio button of agent than all agent id will show in that drop down. 

Agent Name:  User enters agent’s, first name & last name, it is mandatory. 

After filled all these information just click on “Register”

Renewal: With this option user can renew all type of accounts manually like RID, DD & EMI of loan. By default it is showing all upcoming renewals, but if you want to renew any particular than just enter the account number in above text box, it will display all information which is related to that account. 

Cooperative Society Renewal

 Voucher: A voucher is a bond of the redeemable transaction type which is worth a certain monetary value and which may be spent only for specific reasons or on specific goods.


Cooperative Society Voucher

Report: In this we can view the reports by selecting branch id and member id

Cooperative Society Report



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