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Architecture Diagram of Daycare Management:

Architecture Diagram of Daycare Management

OFBiz Framework: Apache OFBiz (The Apache Open For Business Project) is an open source ERP/CRM system from the Apache Foundation starting point for reliable, secure and scalable enterprise solutions. It offering complete accounting/ledger, inventory management, CRM, and project management systems. Also OFBiz includes a complete CRM system and e-commerce shopping cart. OFBiz offers a solid framework for plugin development allowing complete customization. Beyond the framework itself, Apache OFBiz offers number of services.

1. Inventory Management, automated stock replenishment etc. 2. Accounting (Agreements, Invoicing, Vendor Management, General Ledger)
3. Catalog and Product Management 4. Facility and Warehouse management system
5. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 6. Electronic point of sale (POS)
7. Content Management System (CMS) 8. Work Effort Management
9. Party Module 10. Human Resources (HR)
11. E-Commerce 12. Asset Maintenance


Description: Daycare management is an SaaS (Software as a Services) based application to manage the student data quick, painless and paperless App and web-based system for student care facilities. Provides real time updates to parents. Allows parents to stay connected with what their children are doing throughout the day at their day-time school via mobile applications. Everything from online payment by parents, attendance, scheduling, accounting, automate invoicing, daily notes, events and many more are accessible at the touch of a button on mobile app. The teacher experience in the classroom is revolutionized. Utilizing an app or tablet, teachers are able to quickly check children in and out of the center, create daily activity reports, track milestones and much more.

Login: In a login form, credentials ("username" and "password") entered into a system by a user in order to access that system (e.g., a web application or mobile app). After entered the username & password and clicking on login button, request will be sent to OFBiz server and authorize by using OFBiz party module.

Daycare Management login

Dashboard: Dashboard show the left panel menu, reports and statistics. School Session: The time during which educational institutions hold classes. The schedules adopted vary widely

1. A quarter system

2. A semester system

3. A trimester system

We can give by starting date and ending date.

Daycare Management Dashboard

Class Management: In this page we are showing the listing of classes. We can add the new class here.

Daycare Management Class management

Daycare Management Class management

Test & Exam Management: Here we are showing the listing of exam term according to session (Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly, Yearly) of particular class. We can also add the new terms and exam.

Daycare Management Exam management

Student Management: In this page we are showing the listing of all student records of particular class. We can also add the admission record of student.

Daycare Management student management


Daycare Management Admission

News & Event Management: Here school staff can see the event listing which is organized by school management. The school can add a new event from here.

Daycare Management event management

Daycare Management event management

Staff Management: Here school management can see the listing of staff. The school management can also add the new staff.

Daycare Management staff management

Daycare Management staff management

Event Calendar: School management can create an event calendar of whole session, so that parent can easily view the whole session events on mobile app.

Daycare Management event calendar

Fee Management: Here we are showing the listing of fee detail of student, selecting of any particular class.

Daycare Management fee management



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