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Auction Dealer Services is a global leader in online vehicle auctions, and a premier destination for the resale and remarketing of vehicles. ADS makes it easy for Members to find, bid and win the vehicles that they are looking for. Members can choose from classics, early and late model cars . ADS has something for everyone: dismantlers, body shops, salvage buyers, dealers and individual consumers, and as a global online vehicle auction company, ADS puts the power to bid and win into your hands.

Architecture Diagram of ADS:

Auction Dealer Services 

1. Main Page: This is landing page of this site, here we can search the vehicle by Make, Model, Year for bidding of vehicle



2. Login Page: For performing the bidding we need to fill in proper Login information (username and password) and click on Login, if you are not already registered then first we need to register.



3. Bid page: This is a bid page, Here we are showing the vehicle Lot #, Bid information, sale information, User can perform the bid by Starting Bid and Maximum Bid. We can also increase the credit card limit



4. Dashboard: If we want to see overall bidding status then we need to click on Dashboard button


5. Shipping Status: We can check the shipping status of the car


6. Unpaid Car: We can see which one car is win but not paid


7. Car Paid: We can see which on car is paid


8. Transaction: In this menu we can see the whole transaction


9. Order generation: For order generation bid winner should fill this form as well as credit card information




10. Shipping Calculator: Shipping calculator for shipping quote generation

ADS Shipping-calulator 

ADS Shipping-calulator 

11. Thank You Message:

ADS Shipping-calulator 

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Mailing Address

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  • Grand Indonesia Mall - MH. Thamrin Street No. 1 - Jakarta - Indonesia
  • Mon – Fri, 8am – 5pm

Main Numbers

  • +(65) 812 864 111 2
  • +(65) 217 008 2
  • +(65) 210 444 3