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Data Migration

Data Migration services to migrate data from Joomala to OFBiz or Drupal to OFBiz, customize data migration services

SNS database migration professional services program Migrate with an Expert is aimed to help clients leverage. SNS migration expertise to accelerate their migration to the desired target database. The Migrate with an Expert program is designed to offer great value as it combines SNS Migration Tools and SNS Migration Expertise with an offshore delivery model for a reliable and cost-effective migration. With this unique program, you get SNS Migration Experts to work on your migration projects at very affordable rates.

Get your Migration done in 3 easy steps, with SNS Migrate with an Expert program :
  • Migration Assessment and Project Planning
  • Migration Execution
  • Project Handover, Acceptance Testing, and Deployment
  • Reliable Migration: SNS Migration Experts have supported many customers to migrate their desired target databases.
  • Efficient and Productive Migration: Automated migration driven by SNS database migration team, combined with an on-need-driven manual effort offers an efficient, reliable and productive migration.
  • Cost Effective Migration: Leveraging the SNS tools along with the migration expertise, combined with offshore rates provides a cost-effective option against expensive database consulting and migration costs.
  • Hassle Free Migration: SNS Migration with an Expert program emphasizes on active customer collaboration throughout the migration project with periodic reviews and well-defined milestone delivery. Enables client to focus on their critical business activities without worrying about the migration project.

One-Click Two Way Application/CMS Migration
Joomla shopping cart data into OFbiz shopping cart DB and OFBiz shopping cart data into Joomla DB

  • Migrating from one database platform can be difficult and time consuming due to differences in standards between vendors. We offer a comprehensive database migration methodology where we work with you to move your database from Joomla ERP to OFbiz and Vice Versa.
  • SNS Database Porting planning Methodology enables us to analyze the database architectures, plan the necessary migration routines, performing the migration on your existing data and verify that it was successfully completed.
  • Our database consultants work closely with your internal project team to create a cost-effective and accelerated migration plan. We share the potential risks and the associated mitigate plan, minimize the cost of migration and rapidly port the database, allowing for reduction in system downtime during the transition.
  • SNS provides recommendations for making your migration as seamless as possible and proven techniques for optimizing your system resources. This together with the best practices that enable you to maintain your system's performance after the migration is complete.
Two Way Migration
Quote Werks to Sage Peachtree Export Utility

SNS System’s Sage Peachtree one-click, Quote Werks to PeachTree synchronization liberates accountants and SMBs from redundant data entry and provides a simple, powerful and cost-effective solution for managing the entire bill payment and management process, anytime and anywhere.

An Overview
  • Exports your QuoteWerks documents to Peachtree invoices/sales orders, and purchase orders one at a time, or in batches.
  • Optionally, QuoteWerks will create a separate purchase order for each vendor referenced in the QuoteWerks document that you are exporting to Peachtree.
  • If the customer in the QuoteWerks document does not exist in Peachtree, it will be automatically created. If the customer already exists in Peachtree, the customer information can be optionally updated automatically.
  • If items/parts in the QuoteWerks document do not exist in Peachtree, you will be prompted to select the type of item (Stock item, Non-stock item, Service, or Labor), and you will be prompted to select the income/expense account to be associated with this new item.
  • QuoteWerks can search Peachtree for contacts to be used on Quotes.
  • QuoteWerks can link to and search the Peachtree item list, so you can add Peachtree, items to your quote.
  • Documents exported to Peachtree are marked as exported so you will know which documents have been exported.
  • Multi Company (DB) Configurator , The SNS Quote Werks to PeachTree Utility provides multi company syncronization at one time. data migration

DataTranslator Synchronize the ACT! Data to Ofbiz ERP

The object of Data Translator Project is to transfer Grocery list product (An Ofbiz ERP) from ACT! By Sage Database to PostgreSQL server database and transfer product will display on the because ACT! Database maitain Grocery list new and old product. So the Admin can maitain these product on the PostgreSQL server database and show online on the (An Ofbiz ERP) site .

We provided two types of utility, one is automatically with certain time interval and second is GUI utility.

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